Chance is an important part of the triumphs of the casino, but to say that there is nothing further is to react in a petty way to the games of tables whose logical-mathematical skills are so necessary to succeed.

Blackjack, along with poker, is part of the games that require special preparation; even proving that a veteran player of these contests develops cognitive abilities and qualities related to patience, the willingness to work under pressure and making assertive decisions at unfortunate times.

However, each bettor is different. When it is committed to a game, it manages to adapt and develop plans accordingly. In blackjack, the feature that most relates to a skilled opponent is card counting, much as in spite of the casinos.

This technique is based on the concentration, continuous attention and the use of logic at all times. A professional card accountant must, obligatorily, share qualities such as those that will be explained below. Some are able to engage in practice immediately, others take longer; but overall they have a superior position to the rest of the table, whether they want it or not.

Experience, ergo, practice

A blackjack winner is not forged by chance. He carries with him the experience of the years and the conflicts with which he practices to specialize as a rival of rigor.

It is not a myth: the more you play, the more you learn and, consequently, the more skilled people become. Habit, and not a habit is what drive players to become suspicious opponents who develop the ability to perceive the moves of their group, even the undeclared “enemy” – that is, the dealer.

It is proven that more experienced bettors make fewer mistakes, know how to behave and remain calm before difficult rounds. There are no magic solutions to adopt this position: it is the practice and only the practice that guarantees success in a game of blackjack.

Do you want a tip to become a professional? Take the cards as they come, develop the intuition and, of course, know which bets match the game possibilities.


If a person wants to learn to play with all of the law, the first thing to do is get informed. In blackjack, there are guides and tools for players to enter with more than basic notions. This will not make them champions immediately, but it does not hurt either, especially if the round is full of good opponents.

Now, the focus is on what should be learned? A concept of what blackjack is serves little when the real action occurs. The best way to develop skills is to learn, for example, when to fold, hit or stop in the request for letters.

For this, thousands of entries within the web explain, according to the combination of hands, when to act, how and under what conditions. It is a tutorial absent of graphics, but with quite defined concepts.

Another way to get to know the playground is the Internet. Through beta versions to practice blackjack, a user can practice, succumb to the trial and error with the full certainty that nothing happens. Your finances are safeguarded.


About Blackjack, you should not lie: becoming an expert is difficult. He who thinks about getting it overnight, not only deceives himself but also sins of a trust that in games of chance is neither seen nor recommended.

In that sense, and as mentioned at the beginning, perseverance is an indispensable quality to achieve success and defeat both the dealer and the rest of the table.

What is the most effective way to achieve it? Transiting in stages. If a player learns basic tricks, he must practice them again and again until he masters them completely. The same goes for the next stages until, finally, mastering the art of counting.

Without dedication, the intention does not represent anything. It is a desire that, if it does not revive, it will only reduce the action to mere chance.

Cold head and determination

When a casino worker is asked about what he most hates about a player, no one hesitates to respond: “the excesses of confidence and the constant loss of stirrups”. Thus, if a person becomes impatient with ease, becomes instantaneously in an angry being and is a bad loser, for his sake, it is better to stay away from the blackjack tables.

A champion can be exalted and let the adrenaline rush through the system, but he must never disrespect his group of opponents, act unpleasantly and, much less, appeal for violence. Determination and judgment will bring the fruits, accompanied by a well-executed strategy.

Accept advice

You have to take it: when you’re new to blackjack, the advice of someone more experienced can help. A stubborn apprentice not only avoids useful opportunities but limits and conditions the capacity of third parties. Nobody likes a know-it-all and, in the game, arrogance only serves to stir a feeling: pedantry.

Accepting suggestions does not mean that the word of the other is a holy will, but when they are well-intentioned, they improve performance and increase the possibilities compared to the rest of the competitors.