how to refresh your dog or cat?

Some French regions have been on heat alert for several days. Therefore, precautions should be taken to avoid heatstroke in your pets, especially dogs and cats. Here are a few tips. When it’s hot, we are the first to complain about the heat and the difficulty in cooling down. Imagine then your animals, which not … Read more

Bichette, the latest addition to the Faber-Lascombes group opens this Tuesday, June 21 at the Halles de Bacalan

Nicolas Lascombes, Bordeaux restaurant owner of several restaurants in Gironde, in his restaurant Le Familia in Bacalan. Claude Petit/ “SOUTH WEST” On the same subject Bordeaux: at Le Cerey restaurant, we work as a family The former cook of Krakatoa Christophe Andrau has opened a restaurant with his sister Delphine in place of the former … Read more

the prosecutor offers to cut his vocal cords!

His dog barks too much: the prosecutor offers to cut off his vocal cords! A suggestion that was obviously very badly received. Accused of violating noise rules because of his dog’s barking, a North Carolina resident received a startling suggestion from the Graham County prosecutor’s office. And for good reason since the latter proposed to … Read more

Villa Madie, the starfish – Liberation

Gastronomy Article reserved for subscribers In their recently three-Michelin-starred Provençal restaurant, Dimitri and Marielle Droisneau have imposed their style, freeing themselves from the pompous protocols generally imposed by these prestigious places. “Cooking is not a priesthood.” Escaped from the mouth of a chef who won his third Michelin star at the beginning of the year, … Read more

This dog can’t stand still when he watches “Lady and the Tramp” (video)

© its.meagan.elizabeth / TikTok In a TikTok video that quickly went viral, we discover the overexcited attitude of a dog in the face of her favorite animated film: Lady and the Tramp. Phoebe the Golden Retriever likes to watch television, but what she likes most to see there is ” The Lady and the Tramp … Read more