19-Year-Old Cat Born Black Develops Shiny Mottled Fur Due To Vitiligo

In recent years, this gorgeous cat has transformed its pure black coat into an extraordinary spotted pattern. Meet Scrappy, the cat.

Here is the first photo of this cat published online.

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At 19 years old, Scrappy senior has transformed his once pure dark coat into a coat marked with snowflakes. When he was 7 years old, white spots began to appear in his black coat. They got more extensive as he got older, until they formed an incredible white speckled pattern.

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In 1997, Scrappy was born from a litter of five and looked just like any other black kitten. The owners of Scrappy think their cat has a condition called vitiligo, which caused its black fur to turn white. The profile photo shows just how striking the pattern really is.

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Scrappy is 19 years old, but this beautiful feline is a female with a big heart, who likes to spend time with master and his mother.. One of his favorite hobbies is to take a nap in the sun in the garden.

Vitiligo in cats is extremely rare and is caused by loss of pigment in the skin. Despite its unusual markings, Scrappy is in very good health for his age.

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As the oldest cat in the house, Scrappy is a protector for the other two adopted cats, Lily and Rose.

This cat has become incredibly beautiful with age.

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