6 simple and natural solutions

What can be used to prevent the dog from attacking plants or carpets in the house? Our tips.

Whether it’s your dog or not, it’s possible to keep it away from your plants with easy-to-implement solutions. There are indeed natural repellents to protect your plants and not cause any inconvenience to them. dogs. Back to “homemade recipes” effective.

white vinegar

the White vinegar is a proven natural dog repellent. Its smell is particularly unpleasant, which makes it possible to keep it away.

It is recommended to spray the desired places. It is possible to dilute white vinegar in water, apply it in its pure form, or make a mixture with lemon juice or pressed garlic.

citrus fruits

Another natural repellent for dogs: citrus. You can use lemon (yellow or green), grapefruit, orange, or even lemongrass essence. The smell makes it possible to repel dogs without any risk to their health.

The application can be done from a sprayer if it is citrus juice. The cutting of fruit quarters is also possible. Then simply place them in the desired places and replace them at regular intervals. Ideally, plan an open container.

Essential oils

There are several types of‘essential oils can be used as a natural dog repellent. This goes for lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint or even lemongrass.

Whatever the variety chosen, it is necessary to dilute ten drops in at least one liter of water. Their mixture is compatible provided that the prescribed dosages are respected. Beyond that, there is a risk of poisoning for the animal.

pepper and mustard

Also considered natural dog repellents, pepper and the mustard should be used sparingly. It is advisable to dilute them in water before spraying.

The idea is not to surprise the animal, but to keep it away. Here again, it is necessary to provide a moderate proportion. Too high a concentration or an unsuitable application can lead to skin irritation in the event of contact.


In order for this natural dog repellent to be really effective, it is necessary to crush two cloves garlic, then submerge them in water for at least two weeks. Afterwards, strain the liquid, and disperse it on the desired areas using a vaporizer spray.

The coffee grounds

For your outdoor or indoor plants, the coffee grounds is a natural and healthy repellent. Just present it in a cup or scatter it around the plants. It should be dried well and replaced as soon as its smell subsides. This solution is just as effective for protecting a carpet or household furniture.


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