A bailiff savagely attacked by three dogs while filing a summons: “The wound was nearly 10 centimeters deep”

The incident took place last July.

While she was going to a house in Meise, on the outskirts of Brussels, for a summons, Tiffany was greeted by three mastiffs in the garden of the home.

Two Malinois shepherds threw themselves on her to bite her arms and legs. A third dog then arrived and closed its jaw on Tiffany’s hip. “The door finally opened and a woman said to me ‘sorry, they escaped’.

She would then have heard a second voice shouting that she had to be let in because she “screamed too loudly and that she was making movies for the neighborhood”, says the young woman.

Given the seriousness of the injuries, the usher quickly went to the emergency room. “The bites on my arms and legs were still going, but on my hip the wound was almost 10 centimeters deep”described the nurse to him.

A complaint was lodged with the police but it was dismissed a few days ago for lack of evidence.

Fatalistic, Tiffany declares: “These people get off without any worries. The police and the justice system do nothing for me, it is not normal. I am aware that this is not serious crime, but must they really let me down like that?”

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