A breeder in Tan Rouge loses 70 poultry attacked by a pack of dogs

In the West, a breeder in Tan Rouge lost 70 ducks and hens attacked by a pack of dogs. According to him, these are dogs belonging to “brown” tengue hunters who come to his property at night.

Jean-Léonus Barbe is desperate and angry. Sunday morning, on waking, this breeder discovers a real massacre on his land, in Tan Rouge, in the heights of the West.

Watch the report from Réunion La 1ère:

In Tan Rouge, the despair and anger of a breeder from the heights of Saint-Paul. He has just lost his poultry attacked by dogs. Report

“I had about 120 ducks and 15 to 20 hens and roosters, explains Jean-Léonus Barbe. There are more than 30 who are dead, and others ready to die behind”. During the night from Saturday to Sunday, his chicken and duck farm was decimated by a pack of dogs.

Listen to the report from Réunion La 1ère below:

The farmer is all the more angry that this is not the first attack. But this third carnage risks jeopardizing its exploitation.

Upland poultry farmers often complain of attacks by stray dogs or dogs that have owners but let them roam free at night. In gangs, the animals indulge in real carnage.

This time, Jean-Léonus Barbe blames the dogs of brown tengue hunters who would come to his land at night. It appeals to public authorities.

“There are problems, the ONF, the Office National des Forêts, issues tangue hunting permits in the forest, but people also hunt on private land, he assures. And when the hunt is over, they continue to hunt without a licence.”

The farmer figures his losses at around 4,000 euros. He is exhausted and plans to retaliate against these maroon hunters who invade his land at night.

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