A cat asks a family’s cat for permission to let her in to give birth

One routine morning at painter Ida Floreak’s house in New Orleans, Louisiana, a cat approached her, needing a home for a few weeks. The reason for her request was that in her womb, the life of its future offspring was in gestation.

Her instinct, directly linked to an indisputable wisdom, motivated her to approach the back of the artist’s house. In all of these actions, it’s clear that this cat couldn’t have chosen a better fate. Salami is the name of this particular feline.

© Ida Floreak

Ida was a little hesitant to bring the cat in because she already had her own pet cat. “She came and liked him a lot, they felt and she was more interested in him than he was interested in her, it was clear she was there to see him, which was cute” , summarized the painter.

A cat asks a family’s cat for permission to let her in to give birth

After feeding her for a few days and sharing with her, the idea that the feline was pregnant came to her mind. But she needed to corroborate that with a professional.

© Ida Floreak

“My goal was to have her examined, she was visibly pregnant,” Ida told a media outlet. But the feline had something else in mind.

“She arrived at 5 a.m. and was complaining very insistently in a way that seemed inappropriate, so I let her in and she started having her babies around 8 or 9 a.m. I was surprised because I thought that when she got them, I wouldn’t see her for a few weeks,” said the surprised painter.

© Ida Floreak

After giving birth, the cat became more sociable and allowed Ida to approach the kittens and pet them. “I was super nervous, as I had never seen or done anything like this before, but looking at her it was clear she knew exactly what to do. It was a really intense experience,” Ida remembers.

“She is an incredible mother, she is super attentive and sweet”, concludes Ida, admiring the attitude of her new cat.

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