A cat brought her kittens to a family to find them a home

A blind cat brought her three kittens to a family after searching all her life for a comfortable home. Late last month, Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR) in Corpus Christi, Texas, was contacted about a feline family in need of a foster home.

A cat was found wandering outside the residence of an elderly couple. Their son, during a routine visit to their home, noticed that this cat’s eyes appeared to be scabbed shut. He followed the friendly tigress to her lair and was surprised to find three little kittens she was caring for.

“He contacted our emergency service to ask for help. At the time, the cat was thought to be suffering from a serious eye infection which had closed her eyes,” CBCR manager Mary Huckabee told Love Meow.

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Kittens: As soon as they had a foster home available, they welcomed them with open arms.

Two of the kittens were severely malnourished and showed signs of upper respiratory infection (URI). The mother, named Clue, devoured the food before settling into her cozy, warm bed with her babies (Candyland, Monopoly and Chutes) suckling on her belly.

As Clue’s eye drainage improved, they noticed that she had no normal eye tissue and was completely blind.

“Our vet thinks she has congenital microphthalmia, she was born with very small or absent eyes. She will need an enucleation to avoid recurrent infections”, shared Mary with Love Meow.

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“Being blind doesn’t bother her at all. Clue was very protective of her cubs. »

With a safe home, warm beds, and medical attention, the kittens regained their appetites and began to gain weight. All of their eyes cleared up after a week of TLC.

Whenever the kittens were taken to be weighed, Clue watched them closely. She made sure her babies were quickly brought back to her.

“Once in a while, she was surprised when a baby meowed from a place she wasn’t expecting. »

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By three weeks of age, the kittens were moving around and actively trying to find their paws. Clue wasn’t very happy when one or all three got started adventuring outside the safe zone she approved of.

“She brought them home, again and again, before realizing she was fighting a losing battle and her babies were now ready to explore.”

Clue enjoys the company of his masters and seeks their affection. She bends down to scratch her head or lays on her side to indicate that she needs a belly rub.

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“Although she has been an outdoor cat all her life and is blind, she discovered the little box straight away and is thrilled to live a life of luxury now. »

Clue and his precious trio thrive in foster care. The kittens, now four weeks old, have reached several milestones and their personalities are emerging.

“Candyland is bold and likes to talk. He is the most adventurous of kittens. Monopoly is a relaxed pussy. She loves rolling around and having her tummy rubbed. She begins to perform her bouncing skills on her sisters”, Mary adds.

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“At first, Chutes was the most distant, but now that she no longer has to put drops in her eyes several times a day, she is the first to walk and climb on her adoptive mother’s lap. »

Clue enjoys her VIP indoor cat life. She will never have to worry about food and lodging or wandering the streets blindly. She will receive the optimal eye care and that forever home she so deserves.

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