A cat found on an offshore platform 5 years after its disappearance

A cat has been found on an offshore rig off Scotland five years after it went missing. He was brought back to the mainland by helicopter before being reunited with his family.

Extraordinary journey for a Scottish cat. Five years after its disappearance, the feline was found on an offshore platform after being locked in a transport container, reports the newspaper Le Figaro. He was brought back by helicopter thanks to the SPA before being reunited with his family.

If the sailors of yesteryear liked to take cats with them to fight against rats, these animals are much rarer on offshore platforms. When one of them was found by workers on one of them, they immediately notified the Scottish SPA to report its presence. A quick investigation revealed that the cat had found himself locked in a container from the town of Peterhead, in the east of the country.

Nicknamed One-eyed Joe

Disappeared for five years, the animal had taken to frequenting the surroundings of the prison of the city. On site, the guards had taken a liking to him and fed him regularly. They even gave him a nickname: Joe le Borgne (One-eyed Joe, in English). He must therefore have been attracted by something, a smell or a movement, in the transport container where he found himself locked, and then transported to the oil platform off the coast.

The Scottish counterpart of the SPA finally allowed the cat to be repatriated by helicopter on April 22. However, on examining him, the association discovered that he had a microchip, that his name was Dexter and that his family had been looking for him for all these years. “We are really happy that he was well cared for during the time of his disappearance, but we were even more happy to be able to reunite him with his original owner thanks to his microchip”, commented the SPA.

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