A dog goes to a fence every day to get a massage from the neighbor pup

Beauu is a loving 8 month old Staffordshire bull terrier who lives in Glasgow, UK with his mother Kayleigh Burrowes. This one says that her big dog is very nice and likes to make friends. She recently discovered that Beauu goes to the fence daily to get a massage from the nearby puppy.

This huge dog often spends time with his neighbor called Rocco, through the wooden fence, they seem to be great friends.

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Kayleigh told The Dodo:

“He is hyperactive all the time and loves cuddles. He is very friendly with all the neighbours’ dogs, but he has a soft spot for Rocco”.


Beau and Rocco have only known each other for a short time, but that hasn’t stopped them from forming a great friendship. Rocco seems to have missed his former friend JakKayleigh’s former dog who died of old age, but her new friend managed to cheer her up a bit.

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Beau’s mother added:

“He met him as soon as he was allowed out and they automatically clicked.[RoccoreallymissedJakbecausetheyweresoclosesoBeaumadeiteasier”[JakavraimentmanquéàRoccocarilsétaientsiprochesalorsBeaùarenduleschosesplusfaciles »

Kayleigh was surprised by the bond between the two dogs, until the day she saw Rocco rubbing Beau’s back through the fence.

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Kayleigh says:

“One day, I was sitting on my sofa, I looked out the patio door and Rocco was massaging Beauu”.

Kayleigh immediately grabbed her phone and recorded the moment, which instantly went viral on his Facebook account. His dog often visits Rocco for massage sessions. Rocco immediately wags his tail happily as he is happy to see his new friend.

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Kayleigh added:

“The massage can last as long as Beauù wishes. It has become a daily act now. »

Beauú shows his affection in different ways towards Rocco. When Rocco stops the massages, he gives her a few taps through the fence. Kayleigh says that if she doesn’t call Beauú home, they could spend the whole day sitting on the fence together: “They are best friends.”

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