A group of lawyers from Ajaccio to defend young people

Yesterday, seven Ajaccio lawyers announced the creation of a collective, Sustegnu Ghjuventù, in order to offer political and free defense to young islanders who would potentially be arrested in the context of the demonstrations which have shaken the island for five days now.

Several lawyers from Ajaccio have come together as a collective to offer free defense to young islanders who would be arrested after the demonstrations. “We wish to provide exceptional assistance to these young people, esteem Mand Jean-François Casalta, former President of the Bar, elected in the municipal nationalist opposition in Ajaccio. It is not a moral guarantee for violence but simply an aid to these young people who are making political demands. » Yesterday, there were seven of them to present the “philosophy” of this collective, but Jean-François Casalta ensures that they are already ” around twenty “ to have joined.

It is therefore a personal political step on the part of certain lawyers and not an initiative of the Ajaccio bar. “It’s about offering a political defense”confirms M.and Julia Tiberi, former President of the Bar. Asked about the ransacking of the courthouse, which is the working tool of lawyers, Mand Tiberi replies: “It’s complicated to dissociate the attack on the palace and the demonstration. It is a symbolic place where justice passes but also injustices. Ask us to condemn? The question is irrelevant because lawyers are defenders. »

A “political” defense

The Black Robes later questioned the conditions that led “to this violence”. “There were several outstretched hands from Corsica and the only response was contempt. Some decisions are misunderstood. Young people no longer understand. What is happening is due to the action of the state and perhaps we too, as elected officials, have not been able to supervise this youth as it should be”admits Jean-François Casalta.

Mand Jean-Marc Lanfranchi, Core in fronte candidate for the last municipal elections in Ajaccioregrets for its part the behavior of the ” law enforcement ” : “They don’t have a license to kill”.

Mand Antoine Vinier-Orsetti, for his part, focused on evoking the case of a young girl, whom he defends.

“He is a collateral victim of the incidents at the start of the week. While she was on the Place du Diamant before returning home because she had no class, she was the victim of a stun grenade. She was shot in the calf and has 90 days of ITT. I’m going to file a complaint.” warn the lawyer.

Finally, M.and Casalta delivers a final sentiment: “It is our children who are on the street, we are worried. Obviously we also call for calm. » The black robes ensure that they do not want to interfere in the defense of litigants who already have a lawyer and specify that they are there in “complementarity”.

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