A herding dog’s funny reactions to commands he loves and hates (video)

With Rex, we are sure to know what he dislikes and what he hates. This dog reacts as clearly as possible to the words that his master utters to express his opinion. The video showing him in action has gone viral.

Rex is an adorable 10 year old dog who lives in fishguard in Pembrokeshire in Wales. On his owner’s farm Charles Lambhe is an invaluable help to the latter, leading his flock of sheep using his natural Border Collie talents.

As a worthy representative of this race, Rex demonstrates remarkable intelligence. We can realize this by discovering a video that is both funny and admirable, where the quadruped reacts to the various words addressed to him by his master.

Depending on whether he likes or, conversely, does not like what he is told Charles Lamb, Rex responds either by “smiling” or by growling, reports Daily Record. Thus, the canine displays its approval by hearing “car”, “tractor” or “sheep”, while the terms “in bed” or even “washing machine” do not please it at all. Why the washing machine? ‘Cause that’s where his human puts his toys Rexwhich then no longer has access to it.

“I didn’t train him there”

For a long time, Rex responds to certain words either with a grunt or a smile.explains the farmer. It’s just one of those things he does, I haven’t trained him in it or anything. One day, my friend was depressed. So, to cheer him up, I decided to send him a video of Rex. »

Illustration of the article: The funny reactions of a herding dog to the commands he loves and hates (video)

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A sequence which was therefore confidential at the origin. Then Charles Lamb found it on his phone and thought sharing it on social media might be a good idea. He was absolutely right, even though he hadn’t expected her to become so popular.

With hundreds of thousands of views on TikTokit has been as successful on other platforms as Twitter. Rex even got a TV appearance.

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