A homeless kitten runs out of the bushes, happy to find help

Kitten: Cassie lives in a country house in California, and while she was cleaning her horses, she heard a noise that sounded like a small animal. At first she was confused, because she thought it was a bird, but she saw that one of her horses was looking in the bushes and something was there.

Cassie, told Love Meow:

“As I approached, I realized it was little meows. It was a crying kitten, asking for help.

A stray kitten seeks help


The girl decided to approach the little cat calling her, and she immediately ran out of the bushes towards her. When Cassie picked her up, she started wagging her little paws happily, and seemed to be looking for food.

Cassie said:

“I took her into a room and when I was trying to fill a bowl with water, she started drinking a lot of the water that was falling from the hose onto the floor.”

The little cat was thirsty and hungry, so Cassie put the hose near her and let her drink. She also took a box of wet food from her carwhich was intended for her cats, and prepared food for her.


Cassie then says:

“She ate her food very quickly. She was skinny and covered in fleas. I finished my chores and went home with her”.

When she got home, she gave her a bath to get rid of the fleas and dried her off. The little cat was so tired that she slept soundly all night in a comfortable bed.

Cassie clarifies:

“I think she knew she was finally safe and could rest easy. »

The next day, when Cassie woke up, she found the cat with a totally different attitude: she was running and playing everywhere.


She seemed to take control of her new home. Indeed, she was so brave that she ran everywhere to greet and touch others. cassie’s pets. In a few days, she had settled down, was very cunning and playful, did not hesitate to share with the other animals, but behaved like the boss.

She does not never wasted a bite of food, she had known so much hunger before. In addition, she has also become very attached to her mistress and always cuddles with her.

Cassie loves her new company:

“She is now in perfect health. She loves to play and wrestle with my other cats, even though she is still very small”.


She has no idea how whose little cat ended up in that bush, but she went back the next few days to see if the mother was around. But neither the mother nor any other cat was near the place. Maybe she had been abandoned.

As Cassie puts it:

“She was very lucky that day, she was definitely in the right place at the right time.”

Since then, the little cat has gained weight and a lot of energy, her personality shines day by day.

Cassie also confirms:

“She is safe, happy, and will have the best life possible. I named her Charm. »

Charm must have been very lucky, but now it is certain that she will have a life full of love, with a beautiful family forever.

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