A new product recalled for carcinogenic risks

By Suruthi S.

– Posted on 29 Apr 2022 at 15:40

This Friday, April 29, a major French brand recalled potentially “carcinogenic” nuts for health. Sold throughout France between February 14 and April 25, 2022, they are especially not to be consumed.

The list goes on and on… Chocolate, pistachios, pizza or stock cubes, these products have all been recalled by the brands concerned over the weeks for consumer health risks. This time, it is Leclerc who reacts.

These products, well known to all, would have been contaminated by ” two species ofAspergillusa fungus that is found mainly in warm and humid regions », according to the Food Safety Agency. An incident that would have occurred before or after the harvest.

Which products concerned?

Leclerc recalled the Bio Village nuts marketed between February 14 and April 25, 2022. If you have purchased these nuts or the purchase period corresponds, you should no longer consume them and bring the bag back to your nearest store. They must be returned before the date of June 28 to obtain a refund. If you would like more information, you can contact the consumer service on 0800 86 52 86.

A real food scandal

For the past few weeks, consumers have been on the alert. And for good reason, some have been affected by these bacteria, including E.Coli bacteria or salmonellosis. Several victims were hospitalized after eating Kinder, other children even died after eating Buitoni pizza.

It is therefore time for vigilance among the French…

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