a veiled lawyer, victim of islamophobic treatment

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A young lawyer was the victim of Islamophobic treatment on Thursday during the swearing-in of student lawyers at the Ecole de Formation des Barreaux (EFB) in Paris, the media Acta Zone revealed.

According to the media, this morning was held the swearing in of student lawyers within the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal. “EFB staff tried to force a student lawyer to remove her veil during the ceremony,” the media said.

According to witnesses, more than 1,600 people were waiting for the start of the ceremony and it was at “this moment that S. was questioned by several members of the EFB who told her to remove her veil, invoking the character solemn ceremony”, adds Acta Zone.

Still according to testimonies published on Twitter “a few students defended their comrade”, it was then that officials “forced him to stand at the back of the room so as not to be visible”.

1/7 This morning, I took my “little oath” as a student lawyer organized by the Paris Bar School. Behind me, a young woman student lawyer who was wearing a headscarf was stopped by members of the school who forced her to remove her veil. ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/T4F8HOwcrC

— Romane (@btl_romane) January 6, 2022

Present at the ceremony, another student wanted to support the young woman: “Support for my future colleague and all those who, like her, have paid the price for this racist system. You have to surround her with solidarity and show that she is not alone to face all this, ”she wrote in particular on her Twitter account.

“This unveiling is totally in the image of the spirit of the school, which has chosen to assign us as sponsor Richard Malka”, notes, moreover, Romane who explains that “this lawyer notably defended Mila, is the author of the book [Le droit d’emmerder Dieu]and challenges the [concept] of Islamophobia”.

According to her, Richard Milka explained during the ceremony that “the only place where we have absolute freedom of expression is in the courts”.

“I’m ashamed to be in a promotion that bears his name,” concludes the young lawyer.

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