A very efficient regional firm!


My Éric Therrien and Andréanne Lavoie, the founders of Therrien Lavoie Avocats.

For four years, the small firm Therrien Lavoie Avocats in Mirabel has been surprisingly active. However, it must be said that it has quite a pedigree thanks to its two founders Mes Eric Therrien and Andreanne Lavoie.

Me Therrien is no longer to present in the middle. This litigator who works mainly in municipal law, civil law, construction law and commercial law, as well as in administrative and criminal law, in addition to being a regular speaker in his fields of practice, has worked for the largest law firms. Montrealers and handled many important files such as lawsuits related to municipal mergers, freedom of religion, or the defense of elected officials.

Me Lavoie did not even have her Bar diploma in her pocket when she did a decisive internship with this lawyer 15 years ago. So decisive, moreover, that she never stopped working with him, anchoring her expertise in the field of commercial, civil, real estate and municipal litigation.

“He is an excellent mentor, very human, who considers his team and who has the values ​​in the right place”, confirms the one who has since become the partner of this prosecutor within a regional firm of which we would not have never guessed the success at first sight.

Settling in the region: why not?

The choice to open an office in Mirabel is neither the result of a conflict nor of chance. “We had very positive experiences in Montreal, but three elements pushed us to embark on this adventure, explains Me Éric Therrien: clients already present in the regions, a team already formed, and our desire for entrepreneurship and challenges. personal. »

Mirabel, located in the northern crown of Greater Montreal, was also, according to the two partners, a logical choice, given that the issues it encounters are similar to those of large urban centers. Indeed, with a population that has quadrupled in recent years, major real estate expansion and the establishment of many businesses, the excitement is palpable in this municipality, which must also combine its development with the protection of agricultural and forest land.

“The previously existing borders between Montreal and the surrounding regions have disappeared,” admits Me Therrien, whose firm today serves a clientele made up of 60% individuals, businesses, groups and regional municipalities… and 40% from Montreal!

“Many former clients, some of whom we have been dealing with for 20 or 25 years, have actually followed us so far, rejoices the lawyer. They know that we are very experienced and as rigorous as large firms. And above all that we carry out each file as a mission. We never give up! We are combative and very invested in our work. »

The future of regional cabinets

Is the future of lawyers in the regions destined to be as flourishing as in metropolitan areas? Therrien Lavoie’s two partners are convinced of this. Their Mirabel office, made up of six people in all, is called upon for files of all kinds.

“Our practice model is based on continuous growth and on a human scale, a structure to which we are very attached,” says Me Therrien, who does not see himself at all reproducing the pattern of large practices, nor expanding the range of specialties offered. by Therrien Lavoie.

On the other hand, he and Me Lavoie plan to open a second firm of the same type as theirs in the suburbs surrounding Montreal. It is these small structures which, according to them, will be deployed in the future in the regions and will be as dynamic as their counterparts in large urban centres. Beautiful surprises in perspective!


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