A Vexin refuge at the bedside of categorized dogs

The association running the shelter in Nucourt has already saved 35 dogs from euthanasia. (©The Crazy Dogs)

Bad education, mistreatment, abandonment… The reasons leading to the aggressiveness of certain dogs are legion. A violence that also pushes some owners or associations to euthanize them, for lack of being able to find them a new family.

This is not the goal of the association Les Crazy Dogs, which has opened a refuge to Nucourt in the Val d’Oise. For five years, she has been recovering dogs including L’euthanasia has been programmed or who have already shown aggression towards human beings.

Thirty-five dogs rescued

In total, thirty-five animals were saved by the association… and 26 of them were adopted!

The dogs welcomed stay with us for a while, the time to educate them. I then take them to potential adopters. We want the dog to choose his family, not the other way around.

NadegePresident of the association Les Crazy Dogs

The latter is regularly in contact with the Society for the Protection of Animals (Spa), the national and municipal police or even private individuals. “We are starting to have a serious reputation since we put in place strict monitoring of the dogs. We show their evolution over time. »

Moko, Golgoth, Life, Diablo… They all had different life paths. Despite an often chaotic past, their time at the shelter transforms them (for the most part) and allows them to offer themselves a new life in a loving family.

“For example, a young child with autism was both afraid of dogs and being looked into his eyes. I then taught the doggie never to stare at him… After spending a few hours together, they became inseparable. »

At the same time, the association also offers various activities at the refuge for masters and their companions: prevention and advice, training for those with a categorized dog, provision of a private plot of four hectares with sports equipment, education or even doggie walks.

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“It’s a real recreation for the participants. We teach them to have a good time with their animals. People realize that it goes much better if they devote time to them and respect their needs,” concludes Nadège.

Website: lescrazydogs.com. Facebook page: The Crazy Dogs. Info. : 06 80 88 83 21

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