Against all expectations, their dog gives birth to an eighth puppy whose color leaves them speechless!

In Canada, the owners of a dog named Freya were surprised to discover the color of 8and and last puppy she gave birth to. By doing some research, they quickly realized that the phenomenon, although rare, had nothing to worry about for the little canine.

A female dog gave birth to a puppy with a green tinged coat, while the other 7 newborn canids in the litter showed normal coloring. A story reported by the Canadian media GlobalNews.

On January 27, 2022, freya, a 3-year-old female Valley Bulldog – a breed not recognized by the FCI, resulting from the cross between English Bulldog and Boxer – gave birth to a litter of adorable puppies. She first gave birth to 7 puppies 20/25 minutes apart, and her owners thought it was over. The ultrasound, carried out a few weeks earlier, revealed the presence of 7 foetuses.

While Trevor Mosher and his wife Audrawho lives Middle Sackville in Nova Scotia (extreme eastern Canada), were cleaning up freyathe dog went back to work.

The farrowing ended with the arrival of an 8and puppy, but his masters thought he was dealing with a stillborn. He was in a black amniotic sac, while those of his siblings were translucent. Then the puppy started moving and making sounds.

A bile pigment responsible for the puppy’s unusual color

Trevor and Audra hastened to clean it, discovering the surprising color of its dress; it was green. First worried, they inquired on the Internet and thus understood that this rare phenomenon was not at all worrying.

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In fact, in some pregnancies, biliverdin (bile pigment) can end up in the placenta and coat one or more puppies. This green color is, moreover, not definitive; it disappears as the puppy grows.

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Trevor Mosher said he was lucky to have witnessed such a spectacle. He asked, via social media, for name ideas so he could choose one for this little female. Wasabi, Fiona, Hulkette and Pistachio are among the proposals of Internet users.


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