Anything: a passenger and a cat escape (video)

An angry passenger walked out of her plane with the emergency slide during repelling, while an irascible cat at bitten and scratched several passengers in flight.

Airline Flight AA3933 American Airlines was preparing last Tuesday to take off from Buffalo Niagara towards the airport Chicago O’Hare when an incident occurred: a 24-year-old passenger began to get angry and attack the crew, before opening the door of the Embraer 170, triggering the emergency slide. On which she let herself slip before fleeing, then being mastered by the police. The flight operated by American Eagle, which carried 65 passengers and four crew members, was canceled, the travelers being placed on other planes.

The woman in question, Cynthia McKnight from Sacramento, was arrested by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority and faces charges of “disorderly conduct, harassment, trespassing and criminal mischief” according to local newspaper The Buffalo. News. ” Individual was quickly apprehended by local law enforcement and placed on American’s internal no-fly list pending further investigation American Airlines said in a statement.

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During a flight of United Airlines not specified but having taken place on Thursday, it is a cat who wreaked havoc in midair. The “emotional support” animal, not placed in a cage, suddenly escaped from the arms of its owner and according to accounts scratched or bit several other passengers before being subdued. An incident apparently without consequence on the theft or the legal status of the owner, on which the animal did not hesitate to spit.

After multiple incidents involving these so-called “emotional support” animals (pigs, parrots, monkeys, ducks, a peacock and even a pony were able to take the plane in the cabin, a unique practice in the USA), the Department of Transportation (DoT) announced at the end of 2020 that only the guide dog can accompany a passenger on board. But it is the carriers, who previously did not dare to turn back these strange passengers at the risk of being singled out by associations and other mental health activists, who decide individually which animal can board. United Airlines explains for its part that cats and dogs are welcome on its domestic flights – if they stay in their cage placed under the seat in front of their owner…

Anything: a passenger and a cat escape (video) 3 Air Journal

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