bitten by a dog, a 5-year-old girl dies

A 5-year-old girl died, bitten by a stray dog ​​in El Kelaa des Sraghna, in the Marrakech region. According to a source from Le Site info, the tragedy occurred two weeks ago, in the town of Bouya Omar, stating that the victim, hospitalized, spent several days in intensive care before succumbing to rabies.

The little girl, after the bite, did not go to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment and continued to go to school, but her state of health suddenly deteriorated.

The child’s death caused shock waves in the douar, especially among the children who were in the same school as the victim.

Recall that the Health Delegation in El Kelaâ des Sraghna recently announced that rabies vaccination centers have been set up for people who have been bitten or scratched by stray dogs. Vaccination can be carried out in the health centers Al Amria, Al Attaouia, Tamelalt and Sahrij.


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