Carcassonne: an action on Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1 to help greyhounds living an ordeal in Spain

Bred intensively to participate in hunting competitions, these dogs are subject to drastic selection synonymous with abuse and abandonment. A French association called Ayuda helps with their adoption in France: originally from Carcassonnais, the secretary of the structure is organizing a library sale on rue Trivalle this weekend, in order to raise funds and make known the fate of these animals.

“I have always had a passion for greyhounds, from childhood. We saw few of them, suddenly it was a kind of fantasized dog. I found them fabulous”. Subsequently, Florence Bonnafous discovered the sad fate reserved for these animals in Spain. A reality that pushed her to get involved, notably by becoming the secretary of Ayuda, a national association aimed precisely at saving greyhounds from what constitutes a real hell.

“These are 95% Spanish Greyhounds of the Galgo type, but there are also a few Podencos, with erect earssays the manager. These dogs are born in the context of industrial, massive breeding, and are trained to participate in specific hunting competitions, intended for greyhounds.. The latter, released by two in a vast field, team up in order to track and chase a hare. “The objective in itself is not to catch it: a jury analyzes the way in which the dogs hunt according to various criteria, and designates a winner. It is really a spectacle, with the public, and not a hunt as we hear it here!” But who says competition, says upstream selection of the best elements…

These animals wear out very quickly

“A first sorting is carried out from the birth of the puppies, those who are not suitable are immediately killed. A second selection takes place at 6 or 7 months: here again, the breeders kill the puppies that are not competent enough, or abandon them in order to let them die. A third sorting occurs after a year, with the same consequences for those who are not selected”. As for greyhounds deemed suitable, they are in turn discarded around the age of 3 or 4 years.. “Breeders train them by tying them fifty behind quad bikes and racing them for hourssays Florence Bonnafous. These animals wear out very quickly. In Spain, like fighting bulls, greyhounds are excluded from the category of sentient beings and are considered objects”.

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Admittedly, mentalities are changing in a number of Spanish regions, as is also the case for bullfights. But hunting competitions with galgos remain very rooted in Andalusia and in La Mancha, where the practices described by the secretary are still relevant. Founded in France in 2018, Ayuda works to have greyhounds taken in by Spanish shelters adopted in France. “Dogs can be from a few months old to 7 or 8 years old. We publish information about animals for adoption on our website: when an outbreak occurs, either we go to look for the animal ourselves in Spain, or dog transporters bring him to Narbonne. We also collect greyhounds from foster families if their condition is considered too worrying: the objective is always to free up places for new dogs in shelters in Spain.”. A solidarity approach in which the meeting organized in Carcassonne this weekend is part.

In 2021, Ayuda allowed the adoption of around fifty animals in France.

Support shelters

Originally from Conques-sur-Orbiel, Florence Bonnafous also has premises at 29 rue Trivalle, in Carcassonne. This is where Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1er May, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Ayuda library sale. Visitors will discover on site several thousand books offered for sale: novels, comics, historical or children’s books, books in French, English or Spanish… All readers should find their account there, and thus participate in the real reason to be part of this event: to help financially Spanish shelters collecting greyhounds.

“Our philosophy is to only work with very small shelters, which have almost no means. The money we collect allows them to acquire kibble, equipment, blankets, new boxes for animals…” Support that also contributes to the return to life of these bruised dogs.

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