Cat with broken bones in Lyon: the radio reveals the unimaginable and horror falls on caregivers

Cat with broken bones in Lyon

A cat in a dramatic state was recently taken care of in Lyon. But the situation was actually even worse than expected…

Human cruelty has no imitators. On its Facebook page, the association “L’oasis du Phénix, de la vie animale” recently shared the story of a cat treated in Lyon for major fractures (pelvis and legs) and a hole on the spine.

Horror falls on everyone

After discussions with the neurologist from Lyon, the cat’s family agrees not to euthanize her and to attempt the operation, although costly. A brave choice made by humans who love their animals.

But things didn’t turn out that way. Because the cat’s X-ray shows the most chilling horror: she was shot with a homemade bullet. A bullet that exploded in his body, condemning one of his legs to amputation.

With the help of the association “L’oasis du Phénix, de la vie animale”, the cat was finally able to get out of it and will be able to live with her three legs in a “normal” way. Nevertheless, the gratuitous cruelty of some people sends shivers down the spine.

We wish this cat and her family all the best.

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