the thief uses an incredible scheme

The little dog was to go to her new family the day after her flight. A Philadelphia shelter in the United States had to deal with the theft of a puppy on Mother’s Day. The puppy slipped into the thief’s purse The story begins on May 10, when two women show up at the PSPCA … Read more

Shih Tzu found in dire condition bounces to his feet and finds his dream home

© ISPCA / Facebook Rescued with another dog, Milo was so neglected that volunteers struggled to distinguish the front of his body from the back. Almost a year and a half after his rescue, this dog is totally unrecognizable. Its former owner was sentenced by the courts. In Ireland, a man was found guilty of … Read more

he opens it and has tears in his eyes

Abandoned bag in the middle of a sugar cane field: he opens it and has tears in his eyes A particularly shocking abandonment because of the age of the puppies that were discovered in the bag. A little over two weeks ago, a very sad discovery was made in the middle of a sugar cane … Read more

He hits his neighbor in Marchienne because his dog was peeing on his facade

By AN.D. | Published on 05/23/2022 at 14:56 “It is he who is at fault and it is I who find myself in court…” Ibrahim has a hard time understanding why he finds himself on the bench of the defendants when he has “done nothing”… other than breaking his neighbour’s nose. ** ****** ******* ** … Read more

More than 20 dogs found in three weeks in squats in Saint-Denis

Last Wednesday, the Association for Education in Animal Benevolence (APEBA) intervened again in Saint-Denis to recover dogs in a squat. This association has been dealing with this kind of situation for several years. The process always seems to be the same: children, quite young, kidnap stray dogs in the street to bring them to unoccupied … Read more