Celebrity Diet: Here’s Justin Bieber’s Exact Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

The Canadian pop star has changed a lot since she shot to fame at the age of 15.

Day one Beliebers who know all the lyrics to “Baby” and “One Time” are thrilled that Justin Bieber is back on tour for his latest album, Justice. But the Canadian pop star has changed a lot since his rise to fame aged 15 – and his latest Instagram tour photos show it.

Sure, he added a lot of tattoos, but it’s Justin’s slim frame and muscular arms that have fans swooning. From the height of his meter ninety, the singer has always been smaller than the others, but he has obviously gained in tone and muscles over the years.

We could credit part of his body transformation to his change in diet in 2020: “It’s very funny because my husband was always the one who ate a lot of junk food. Then when he went through all that with his health, he found out he was very allergic to gluten and had to cut it out completely,” his wife Hailey Bieber told People. “It changed his mood, the way he felt, his skin, everything.”

While he still indulges once in a while, Hailey and Justin try to eat healthy together. So what exactly is Justin Bieber eating these days? Read on to find out and discover Sandra Bullock’s 5 diet and exercise secrets.

Justin likes to eat a full and balanced breakfast in the morning. Especially when he has a show the same evening, he must start his day full of energy. According to US Magazine, the “Hold On” singer posted his breakfast on his Instagram story: eggs, avocado, bacon and gluten-free bread. He likes his avocado sliced, not mashed or whipped into a guac.

The Canadian star also sips a cup of coffee from Canadian chain Tim Hortons. In fact, he loves his morning coffee so much that he got into a social media fight with Tim Hortons when they changed their lids: “@timhortons I know they could leak but it was easier to drink with… the coffee came out better… these new lids are uncomfortable for the mouth, and you get very little liquid with each drink, it’s an outrage and they need to be changed again,” he posted on Instagram. Defend your coffee cravings, Justin!

A long time ago, Justin Bieber’s favorite lunch was spaghetti Bolognese. It is an understatement to say that he loved this dish. ” To eat lunch ! Spaghetti bolognese,” he posted on Twitter in 2010. And when Glamor asked him in 2016 what he would like for his last meal on Earth, he replied, “Spaghetti bolognese.”

While he might indulge in a gluten-free bolognese, a more realistic lunch for Justin is avocado toast. He was spotted eating his takeout avocado toast, which we assume is on gluten-free bread, via Just Jared. And Justin had to try Hailey Bieber’s viral TikTok pizza toast recipe for lunch at some point – who could resist truffle oil and burrata?

One of Justin and Hailey’s frequent dinners is sushi. The Daily Mail and other sites often report that the two men eat at sushi restaurants in Los Angeles and New York. A typical sushi meal for Justin includes a mix of rolls and sashimi. According to E! News, he has already ordered sushi rolls, avocado rolls and different types of sashimi: salmon, white fish and tuna. The ‘Sorry’ singer even enjoys cooked fish: Mirror Celeb reports that Justin ordered salmon after a performance in London, and he told Martha Stewart in Interview Magazine, “I love grilled salmon and mashed potatoes earthen. Salmon definitely seems to be one of his favorites.

Justin needs to keep his energy up by grabbing snacks to get through his busy days on tour. Donut holes, and more specifically Timbiebs, are among his favorite snacks. He posted on Instagram about his collaboration with Canadian coffeehouse chain Tim Hortons, releasing limited-edition Bieber-themed donut flavors. With flavors like Birthday Cake Waffle and White Chocolate Fudge, Timbiebs are the perfect post-performance treat.

Justin and Hailey also enjoy snacking together. Justin posted a photo of their romantic picnic on Instagram, complete with a slew of snacks: cheese and crackers, Bare apple chips, and tortilla chips and guac.


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