Chatenoy-le-Royal. Miraculously, Fury participates in a beauty contest for cats

After Scully, another cat helped by the Matoucœur association participates in a beauty contest on the KingPet site. Fury is an 8-month-old kitten saved from drowning in the Saône last November. Urgently operated on for a nasal polyp preventing him from breathing, significant medical costs were incurred to help a cat “who wants to live and who is not condemned”, declares Sandrine Page. Added to this is an ear polyp that requires scans every three months. These cost €600.

Currently, Fury is first regionally, voting is open until May 12. Winning the €150 promised to the winner would help Fury, and the association which lives only on donations.

Scully, a cat born blind and deaf, came in third regionally with more than 12,000 votes.

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