Chez Julien: the beautiful family history of the Alsatian hotel with 22,000 Belgian customers

At the edge of a national road, lined with dark green fir trees Julien and Yvette had opened a small truck stop. A simple restaurant that turned out the best, the carriers with fine noses crossing the region to Germany or Luxembourg did not fail to stop there. Little by little, the couple completed with a few rooms which already welcomed Belgians: during the Second World War, Julien had created solid friendships with some of them who gladly visited him: conviviality and good food already reigned. on the spot. On the early death of Julien Goetz, his son Gérard, who dreamed of being a traveler, comes to lend a hand to his mother.

He married Marylène who joined him…The young couple threw themselves body and soul into catering and then the hotel business. The family will grow with the birth of two little girls, blonde as wheat!

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