civil party lawyers pass on the hearing of ex-president Kabila

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In the DRC, the appeal trial for the assassination of Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana is in extension. Lawyers for the civil parties refused to plead. They demanded the hearing of several personalities cited by the police officer Paul Mwilambwe, exiled for a time in Senegal and Belgium, is himself a key witness in this affair. His statements incriminate former President Kabila in particular, the lawyers have therefore demanded that the latter be summoned to appear as a witness.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda Wa Kamanda

Invited to speak first, the coordinator of the lawyers for the civil parties immediately raised an exception. Master Richard Bondo Tshimbombo called for the hearing of all the personalities quoted by the defendant Paul Mwilambwe prosecuted among other things for desertion: The former President of the Republic, the generals, the colonels, the officials of the amrée whom Mwilambwe mentioned, even the auditor general who is now retired, everyone must be heard. »

In disagreement with this request, Maître Eley Lofele, lawyer for the Voix des Sans Voix, held a surprising plea. According to him, his colleagues from the same camp have other motivations: “ They have their goals! I cannot be responsible for the situations that may happen in the country or the troubles on the eve of the elections! »

Immediate reaction from the executive director of La Voix Sans Voix, Rostin Manketa, who disavowed Me Eley Lofele’s approach: ” We are awaiting the argument after hearing all the personalities who have been cited. »

For its part, the public prosecutor approved the approach, requiring the appearance of the personalities cited by Mwilambwe, before closing the proceedings. The next hearing is set for January 19, for the response of the High Military Court.


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