Company | Caroline of Monaco finds her dog at the Salon SPA

An unexpected meeting for the Salon SPA and its region. Humane Society staff met the Princess of Hanover. She came to pick up her dog, who would have fled “during lunch” and her visit, shared on social networks, aroused many reactions from Internet users. Residing part of the year in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Princess Caroline of Monaco never travels without Sissi, her Blue Picardy Spaniel. But how to explain that the Salon-de-Provence SPA recovered the animal more than 20 km from the place of residence of its mistress? The dog had not gone very far from home, he was captured in the town of Saint-Rémy. The Salon SPA, which has been in charge of capturing stray animals in the Salonais region since 2021, recently won a call for tenders and now also takes care of capturing throughout the Baux valley. The cities of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and Mouriès have even signed an agreement with the Salon SPA for the impounding of animals captured on their soil. This is how the dog was brought back to Salon and this happy meeting between the team, led by Philippe Gautier, and the Princess of Monaco was permitted. The president, Philippe Adam greeted “extreme kindness and simplicity“of the most famous Monegasque, who does not hesitate to”bear witness to hiscommitment to the animal cause“.

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