Contaminated pizzas: Buitoni offers a voucher to one of the families concerned

The family of a little girl infected with E.coli bacteria after eating a Buitoni pizza received a 20-euro voucher from the brand.

Buitoni confirmed and immediately apologized. “This should not have been done, and we would like to offer our most sincere apologies to this consumer who may have been offended by the receipt of this voucher” sent by email, said the spokesperson for this brand. , owned by Nestlé. “We’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen again,” he added.

In mid-March, Buitoni pizzas from the Fraîch’up range were recalled, the E.coli bacteria being present in the dough. This can cause kidney failure, especially in children. 53 cases of contamination have been identified in France, as well as two deaths of minors, even if the link with pizzas has not been confirmed.

‘Additional pain’

The 7-year-old girl who received the voucher was hospitalized for two days during the month of March. “It’s an additional pain,” reacted his mother. “For them, my daughter’s pain is worth 20 euros.”

“The person received vouchers, as is the case for people requesting a refund for their pizzas following the massive recall” of the product, explained the Buitoni spokesperson. The family had made a report on the public service site Signal Conso, triggering the recall by Buitoni.

An investigation for “manslaughter”, “deception” and “endangering the lives of others” has been open since March 22 at the public health center of the Paris prosecutor’s office.

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