Corsica Pasta, a worker cooperative confined after its creation

Installed for a few months in the shed of a former ironworks, the fresh pasta manufacturing company is a collective adventure. In 280m, Corsica Pasta was launched on February 27, just before confinement.

A SCOP, workers’ cooperative society, founded following the disappearance of “Kallisté”, whose 6 ex-employees have invested time and money to recreate a new entity. The workshop has been fully equipped by them with industrial machines, bought at auction from the late “Kallisté” pasta.

90% of customers retained. But tomorrow ?

Production had to be divided by four during confinement, to avoid unsold stocks. But the young company is recovering little by little today. “Corsica Pasta” delivers in the Eastern Plain, in the Cortenais, the great south, and the Ajaccian region as far as Vicu. Employees even say they have managed to retain 90% of their former customers. And in the event of a new crisis that would force the pasta production company to close again, the latter plans to create a website to carry out its online sales.

Semolina stocks in the Corsica Pasta company © Radio France
Olivier Castel

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