Crisps, margarine, sauces… Manufacturers authorized to replace sunflower oil

PFor a maximum of six months, manufacturers of margarine, crisps, sauces, biscuits or casseroles are authorized to replace sunflower oil in their recipes without changing their packaging, due to supply difficulties due to the war in Ukraine . The industrialists who will make this request for exemption will be able to use, for example, rapeseed oil, detailed Bercy, Tuesday April 26, after a consultation with industrialists and consumer associations.

They will have six months to change their packaging, but must indicate on the packaging before two months that a change in recipe has taken place, without necessarily specifying which one. In the case of the addition of allergenic products, or in the event that the packaging includes claims that are no longer true, for example “100% organic” or “palm oil free”, the indication of a change of recipes must, on the other hand, be immediate.

All revenue changes that have been waived will be referenced on a fraud prevention site (DGCCRF), a department of the Ministry of the Economy.

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Nearly a thousand references potentially concerned

According to Bercy, several hundred or even a thousand references could be the subject of these requests for exemption, in particular fried products, such as crisps or fries, or breaded, or margarine, sauces, pasta, cans in oil… The manufacturers had contacted the services of Bercy several weeks ago to alert on the tensions in the supply of sunflower oil, and to request authorization to modify the recipes.

The NGO Foodwatch then insisted on the need for “total transparency” and reacted on Tuesday by welcoming “the authorities’ effort at transparency”. However, it alerted “about the puzzle of access to information for consumers”, at best via stickers on the packaging – “but not always” – or via a QR code in the stores referring to the site. Internet for the repression of fraud (DGCCRF).

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