Does the Restaurant du Palais-Royal in Paris deserve its second Michelin star?

GASTRONOMIC CRITICISM – With each dish, the feeling of a journey with talent as the boat and Greece as the horizon.

It’s already been a month since the good Red Guide came out releasing its shower of stars. Stars of which we no longer really know if it is the chefs who are in a hurry or the reverse.

Would the Michelin have become so predictable that its track record is now as relevant as it really is without any real surprise. All the more reason to notice a second macaroon (not nothing!) granted to this Restaurant du Palais-Royal, a table that is truly madly modest. As if the bucolic nature that accompanies it, its pattern of arcades and this Paris wedging the bubble of its memory pushed the address not to add the song of the sirens to the superb surroundings.

The audacity of a great chef

Except that the sirens sound very quickly when the card is called. Of those sirens who say the Odyssey, Ulysses, Itaque. Philip Chronopoulos comes from these shores, these islands, this Greece whose pantry was perhaps only waiting for the audacity of a great chef. And both are not long in the first moments of the meal.

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