Does your cat often stare at you? That look says more than you think

Cats often have gorgeous eyes, the colors of which are truly mesmerizing to look at. But admit that when they start staring deeply at you, it can make you feel uncomfortable. If you are the owner of a cute little cat, you often notice that at certain times he does not take his eyes off you. Which leaves you confused. What exactly is it trying to send as a message? What’s going on in his head? One thing is certain, he is necessarily trying to tell you something. Here are some leads.

The big eyes of felines, in addition to carefully observing what is happening around them, always attract attention. Looking at them has almost a hypnotic effect on us: you have surely noticed, especially when there is less light, that their pupils take on a vertical shape. This mysterious and elusive side is precisely part of their charm. Does your cat’s insistent stare intrigue you? Several reasons can explain this. From the simplest to the less obvious. Find out what he hides behind this attitude!

Why is your cat staring at you so intently?

cat look mate

A cat looking at its companion – Source: spm

Stop misconceptions! Many people still believe that if cats stare deeply at us, it is to warn us to stay away and above all not to approach them. It is a myth to believe that all cats are necessarily aggressive and threatening. According to experts, this behavior calls for various explanations.
According to a post from PetMD, the world’s largest pet information portal, cats stare at you when they want to send you a specific message. As much as he is a great observer, you also need to observe him more often to better decipher his body language. Because it is precisely through his gestures that he communicates with you.

When your cat looks at you slowly blinking a few inches from your face, it’s a real sign of affection. In other words, he loves you and lets you know so says PetMD. Obviously, this is not the only explanation. PetMD specialists indicate that ” it could also be a way for the cat to challenge you by making you understand that he can help you at a specific moment. Maybe he is trying to make you understand that he needs your presence and your company right now!“.

The main idea of ​​this deep gaze being that he is always seeking your attention, in order to meet his impending needs or simply to give him affection.

Don’t forget that cats are very curious animals: they are intrigued and challenged by everything that passes around them. Therefore, if your cat follows you everywhere and observes everything you do, it is not trivial. It’s even the way for him to get to know you better and to get closer to you. It doesn’t matter if you are cooking, working or even sleeping, everything you do is very interesting in his eyes.

He looks at you meowing

If your cat meows while staring at you, it could have several explanations. Maybe he’s just hungry and clamoring for his food that way. But perhaps the problem is also more serious: if he insists on his meows and that neither his kibbles nor his toys manage to distract him, then something is wrong. Looking at you and meowing at the same time proves that he is suffering from something painful. Even if you can’t find the cause with the naked eye, it’s best to take him to the vet for a check-up.

He watches you while you sleep

Do you wake up suddenly and find that your cat was staring at you while you were sleeping? Rest assured, this is also very common behavior. Again, he was either waiting for you to open your eyes to claim something, or he just wanted to watch you while you slept. This may seem strange to you, but it arouses his curiosity!

He caresses your head or your face

cat strokes face

A cat caressing the face of its companion – Source: spm

If your cat makes this gesture, while looking you in the eyes, it means that he likes you very much. It almost seems like a benevolent, reassuring and protective side. Cats pat their masters on the top of their heads to make them feel part of their family. And if your cat raises his head and holds it out towards you, then that’s a sign that he feels safe and protected by your side.

He follows you around the house while staring at you

cat plays mate

A cat plays with its companion – Source: spm

When your cat follows you around the house or even outside on the street, it’s also a telltale sign of his affection for you. Although he is quite wild and independent, he shows you that he loves you and prefers to be around you.

What if he looks distressed staring at you?

Sometimes, of course, he does something stupid and you reprimand him. Therefore, as soon as he begins to disobey you or does something questionable, he begins to be suspicious of your reaction and then begins to stare at you strangely. This attitude, you can quickly identify it, because it immediately has the pupils a little dilated and the ears back. It’s a feeling of unease: he’s afraid of being punished.

But perhaps he is also frightened by something else: a sudden noise, an object falling violently to the ground, the cry of a child… In this case, if you are nearby, he will necessarily turn towards you to stare at you. As if he were asking you: “but, what’s going on?” “. How to react at that time? Above all, do not stare back. This is likely to further accentuate his fear or distress. Instead, try to calm him down by reassuring him that everything is fine and that there is no danger. Give him a treat or a toy so that he is no longer stressed or tense.

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