Dog shelter sells food-shaped beds to pay for medicine

Helping dogs in need is a top priority for many people who create shelters and volunteer to rescue them. A task that is not easy, because you need a good place to house them all and have the basic necessities.

Like food, a bathroom, a living space and a yard where they can play. Most dogs that have been abandoned and neglected suffer from illnesses for which treatments are unaffordable. It is therefore difficult to help them and keep them.

Dog shelter sells food-shaped beds to pay for medicine

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That’s why shelters often hold raffles and sell merchandise to raise funds. One of them is Garritas Guerreras, located in Mexico City. She had the ingenious idea of ​​raising funds to pay for the treatment of sick dogs and other animals by selling beds in the form of food.

These beds have designs ranging from bread to eggs, pizza, snacks, and cans of cat or dog food. Not only that, but animal-shaped cookies and breads are also their specialty. And donations are always welcome.

More than 170 animals need help with their treatments. Among them is Panchito, a small dog who “takes care” of the company to pay medicines and tin cans for him and his companions. The dogs in this shelter have no home.

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This is why this initiative is a hope for them and for those who are responsible for helping them heal and find them a family that will love them forever. Moved by this cause, they relate their news on social networks. ” Friends, we have already arrived at Lorenzo Boturini, today we leave at 6 p.m. »

“Remember that each purchase you make with us, you help us to care for our sick and to fill the bellies of our 170 housed animals. Thank you for being part of the great family of warriors”, said the shelter on Facebook.

The shelter itself admitted that the sale was not very successful. But they don’t lose hope.

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“My friends, we still have plenty of beds for their puppies, sweaters and bread to collect for the sick. Panchito is already sleeping, only two people came. We have not recovered the investment of the beds that we have ventured out. Panchito is waiting for your visit, but no one is paying attention to him,” she said in a post on the social network.

The shop is located at 168 Lorenzo Boturini, col. Obrera, in Mexico City, and welcomes people until 6 p.m. And those who are interested can contact a number that has been announced on the social network Facebook. All this to help those who need it most.

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