Dog stolen 11 years ago reunited with owner

Rex, a Yorkshire Terrier stolen from his owner 11 years ago, has miraculously been reunited with his family.

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Marzena Niejadlik, Rex’s owner, bought him as a gift for her mother when her brother died in 2010. But the little dog was stolen a year later, so Mrs. Niejadlik never saw him again. for 11 years.

“It’s hard to believe, every year hope dwindles,” she explained.

Everything changed when a lost animal clerk in the town of Stoughton, Massachusetts received a call about a dog with a dirty appearance running down the street alone.

The latter was surprised to learn that his microchip linked him to a family in Dorchester, nearly 25 kilometers away.

After giving her a bath and some food, the clerk called Marzena, who seemed “filled with joy and didn’t believe her dog was found,” he said.

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