Dog Who Was Thrown Into A Dam Was Rescued And Now Super Grateful

There are many stories of cruel owners abandoning their dogs without looking back. A dog from Oklahoma, USA, was thrown and abandoned by its owners in a dam full of water; she was in danger of being washed away at any moment.

Fortunately, people alerted the authorities, who went there to help this dog. Grateful to them, she started wagging her tail and was led to a safer place.

© Madison Reneé/ Facebook Poteau Valley Humane Society

A dog that was thrown into a dam was saved

According to 5 News Online, the event occurred at Wister Lake Dam in LeFlore County. The poor dog was surrounded by water, which was rising and could drag her away at any moment. A woman named Madison Renee and her family were watching the situation, but there was nothing they could do about it.

“When we arrived, it looked like there was no way to reach him“, Madison told 5 News. There was apparently no way the canine could get out of there on its own, so they figured it was intentionally thrown away.

Wister firefighters were called and arrived in time to save the canine. After asking for the dam to be temporarily closed, they arrived by boat and were able to reach the dog with a rope. According to one of the rescuers, the dog was frightened, but as soon as they talked to her and started playing with her, she gained confidence. Apparently, the dog was very grateful to have been saved.

© Madison Reneé/ Facebook Poteau Valley Humane Society

They found a nice home for her

The dog was named Grace and was taken to an animal rescue organization called Post Valley Humane Society, who would take responsibility for it. Thanks to the publicity of the case, the dog found a home with a family in Charleston, Arkansas.

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