dogs would be responsible for attacks on sheep in Finistère

Dogs are suspected of sowing discord around Dinéault (Finistère). Since the beginning of April, farmers and individuals have found several of their animals killed. A resident lost five sheep and a lamb. The same day, four deer were killed, reports Le Télégramme. The most important attack took place this Sunday.

An estimated loss of 2,000 euros

Fifteen ewes and one lamb died and ten injured animals may not survive. The loss is estimated at 2,000 euros. The predators assures will start again now that they have “taste the pleasure of hunting and blood”, estimated a breeder. By installing a camera, he was able to obtain images of two animals: a black dog and a brown, Beauceron and Labrador cross type.

Complaints have been filed but the dogs have not yet been identified. The mayor supported the victims and issued an order recalling that it was forbidden to let dogs wander.

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