England: a 2-year-old child, bitten by the family dog, is disfigured

Romy Griffiths, a 2-year-old boy, undergoes an operation with 100 stitches after being attacked by Blizzard, the family dog.

A case of dog attack

The accident occurred on December 27 in the West Midlands (England) when the dog of the family, Blizzardstarted attacking 2-year-old Romy, reports Aufeminin.com. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed who has lived with the Griffiths family for eight years.

the drama happened when Romy and her older brother were playing with remote control helicopters in the living room. Without warning, Blizzard pounced on the child and fractured his jaw, ripped out his nose and three teeth. The young victim underwent five hours of operation which required a hundred stitches.

“He was a sweet dog and the children loved him more than anything”

Blizzard is a sweet dog, very close to Romy, in eight years he has never been aggressive towards children. Parents think the dog would have been frightened by the children’s toys, the noises of the remote-controlled helicopters would perhaps have irritated him and would have suddenly awakened him from his sleep.

British police labeled the dog attack an incident and the Blizzard family had been given permission to keep Blizzard. But Romy’s mother wanted to separate from the dog and gave him up for adoption. “He was a sweet dog and the kids loved him more than anything. He was Romy’s best friend. I will always put my kids first and it was the best thing to do to get the dog to go away and be rehomed. I would never do it to her again trust with my children, I no longer trust any dog”confided the mother of the family.

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