Firefighters rescued a dog dragged by the current of the river, a magnificent rescue

Dog: Thanks to the work of firefighters, there have been many successful rescues around the world. From extinguishing fires to rescuing animals in danger. That’s what they’re used to. But every day they witness a different story and make every effort to make sure everything goes well. And that, as exhausting as it may seem.

In the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles, in the United States, the city’s fire department received reports of a 35-year-old woman who had fallen into the river with her dog named Scooby.

Apparently the animal fell first and she came to his rescue. But that only complicated things. Volunteers got the woman out in half an hour while the dog was a much tougher case, but they never gave up.

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Firefighters rescued a dog being dragged by the river current

Faced with this, a man who witnessed the scene wanted to help by jumping into the river to get the distressed dog out. The current was so strong it was hard to catch it, but the man tried for 15 minutes. As expected, the dog got very scared and pushed the man away. So he was dragged into the water.

“The poor dog was very tired, very scared, and the more people around, the more scared he was. And he bit this well-meaning 28-year-old man who was trying to help him. And that’s another reason why I don’t want people jumping for dogs. Because they are obviously scared,” explained captain Erik Scott.

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The team managed to get the man out, and did not abandon the dog. The dog was so frightened that he refused help at every attempt from the firefighters. After hours, the team managed to pull him out of the water and back to dry land.

The mission took 2 hours and 50 minutes, but it was worth all the effort. Due to the complexity of the situation, rescuers stressed the importance of not intervening. And this, regardless of the good intentions of people.

“A lot of people love their animals and so do we. But if you do something that could put you in danger, the fire department will deal with people first, then animals. It’s human safety first.” said officer Armando Navarrete.

Scooby was taken to the East Valley Animal Shelter to be evaluated by vets. He was exhausted, but luckily he was healthy. He was a German Shepherd mix and his age could not be deciphered.

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The dog is then returned to his master. The worst was over and they can both go back to their lives in peace.

The firefighters did an excellent job and reminded us, once again, that we can always count on them in cases like this. It is understandable that many people want to help animals in dangerous situations like this. But for the same reason, it is better to let them deal with it, because they are ready to solve the problem.

Below you can see the video where you can see how the firefighters rescue this little dog who fell into the current of the river:

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