for his lawyer, “we throw a man to popular vengeance”

In an episode ofCorrespondent then by mail, several women accuse Nicolas Hulot of rape and sexual assault. The defendant’s lawyers regret “this media frenzy” while the Paris prosecutor’s office has just opened an investigation.

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation on Friday after the broadcast of a resounding report from France 2 in which several women accuse Nicolas Hulot of rape and sexual assault, which he fiercely denies.

“It is an investigation of which we already know the outcome on the legal level: there is prescription”, reacted in the wake of one of the lawyers for the defendant, Me Alain Jakubowicz.

The facts that are the subject of preliminary investigations date back to 1989, a period when the accuser was only 16 years old. The Paris public prosecutor’s office has become accustomed to systematically opening investigations into accusations of sexual violence against minors, even if the facts seem prescribed, in order to verify the facts and look for possible other non-prescribed attacks.

“Before there was no investigation when the facts were prescribed, but it is in the spirit of the times to proceed in this way”, comments Me Jakubowicz.

“Media frenzy”

The lawyer intends to ask that his client be heard in the context of this investigation, he will also “solicit witnesses and provide elements. This is how things should have happened and not by this media frenzy”, he regrets, deploring “far western methods”.

However, it was through the media that Nicolas Hulot chose to defend himself: he took the lead by intervening on our antenna the day before the broadcast of the episode ofCorrespondent. He formally denied the accusations of sexual assault and announced that he was leaving public life “definitively” to protect his loved ones and his Foundation from the fallout from a “lynching”.

“We are throwing a man into popular condemnation”, retorts Me Jacubowicz who insists, like the mis en cause, that the accusations are fallacious. “He never assaulted a woman in his life.”

At least six accusers

If the investigation opened this Friday only targets the facts denounced by one of the accusers, five other women claim to have suffered sexual violence from the same man. In the report ofCorrespondentthree of them testify, including two with their faces uncovered.

Two other women, former host Maureen Dor and a former TF1 employee, have also transmitted to Correspondent written testimonies against Nicolas Hulot.

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