Free legal advice offered over the phone by volunteer lawyers

Last year, more than 4,000 calls were received and answered thanks to this initiative.

According to statistics from April 2021, family law is the most popular area, with 23% of questions asked by citizens related to it. Questions about contracts accounted for 22% of call topics.

The area of ​​housing is also in high demand, with 11% of citizens having asked a question on this subject. As July 1 dawns, the president of the Young Bar of Montreal, Me Mathieu Jacques, expects to receive many questions about housing.

It was already an area that was very popular, but [comme] there is a housing crisis, we expect to have calls in this area. We have lawyers who are ready to answer them. »

A quote from Me Mathieu Jacques, President of the JBM

Me Jacques points out that volunteers answer all questions, regardless of the legal field concerned. Whether it’s a fine, a dismissal or a question about a contract, the president of the Young Bar of Montreal ensures that the professionals are ready to receive all types of questions.

In 2018, the JBM decided to hold the Telephone Legal Clinic twice a year rather than annually. Me Jacques explains that lawyers have noticed the growing enthusiasm for this service, which highlights the strong demand for access to justice.

There is a concern in terms of access to justice, underlines Me Jacques.

We want to help make justice more accessible. This is one of the fundamental missions of the Young Bar of Montreal. »

A quote from Me Mathieu Jacques, President of the JBM

In addition, professionals rely on various alternative dispute resolution methods to avoid people having to go to court when possible. For example, in family law, free hours of mediation are offered to any couple entering into a process of separation. This is one of the examples we want to make people who contact us aware of.mentions Me Jacques.

The Telephone Legal Clinic is a project of the JBM conducted in collaboration with the Young Bar of Quebec (JBQ), the Association of young regional bars (AJBR) and the Center for access to legal information (CAIJ).

To learn about the law and to find out about the solutions available, call 1 844 779-6232 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on April 23 and 24.

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