Gers: breach of trust, dog shot dead… The president of the local SPA indicted

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The president of the Gers SPA, Marie-France Le Bagousse-Baus, was indicted Thursday morning for “breach of trust” and “complicity in willful attack on the life of an animal” for alleged facts which would take place at the end of last March.

The president of the SPA du Gers came out of two days of police custody, where she was heard by the gendarmerie, to be presented in court Thursday morning, before an examining magistrate. Marie-France Le Bagousse-Baus is indicted for “breach of trust” and “complicity in willful attack on the life of an animal”.

On March 24, two dogs were picked up by a private individual in Eauze. An elderly Beauceron crossbreed and a young Sharpei crossbreed. The two animals fled the morning of the home of their owner. The veterinarian who receives the individual does not detect any fleas. The Gers SPA, which acts as a departmental pound, is alerted. Its president and another person come to pick up the dogs the same evening. They were only declared impounded on the 25th.

From March 26, the owner called the SPA refuge in Ordan-Larroque. He is told that the dogs are not at the pound. The man continues his research, and affixes posters to Eauze, spotted by an Elusate active in associations of friends of animals. When he discovers that the pound has recovered the animals, he returns to the SPA, and learns that one of the dogs has run away, and that the dog is dead, having arrived exhausted according to the SPA. They refuse to send him the death certificate, the body of the dog, and the name of the veterinarian. The man has no means of transport: the friend of the animals will then take him to the gendarmerie to file a complaint.

A dog adopted, another shot dead then buried

“Today the president of the SPA is criticized for having kept the two dogs in her possession, and for not having returned them to the owner, said the prosecutor of the Auch court, Jacques-Edouard Andrault. This is for breach of trust. One of the two dogs was returned to its owner. He had been adopted by a person totally unrelated to the file.

More sinister, the 2nd count of indictment. Investigators found the body of the oldest dog, buried, but not at the home of the president, which was not searched. According to the findings, the animal was shot dead. “She would have given instructions to a third person to put down the dog. What we suspect is that she thought the owner of the dogs was unfit to care for the animals. “There is therefore no question of restoring it to him. Marie-France Le Bagousse-Baus reportedly told the owner that one of the dogs was dead. “To give credence to that, she would have had the dog put down afterwards. The person suspected of this gunshot was heard. The prosecution is questioning the guilt of a veterinarian in writing the death certificate.

The president of the SPA du Gers was placed under judicial control, with a ban on going to the Ordan-Larroque refuge and engaging in a professional or social activity related to animals. She faces up to 3 years in prison for breach of trust. The investigation of the file could require a year of examination before the judgment, but “provided that other facts do not appear”, underlines the prosecutor. The president of the Gers SPA has been the subject of numerous recriminations from animal rights associations in the Gers, or their members, on social networks. These will undoubtedly be closely examined.

Pound: no particular consequence

The pound, assigned as a service delegation to the Gers SPA, is managed by the 3 valleys mixed union (SM3V). This service has 385 members, i.e. almost all the towns and communities in the Gers. “This service poses no problem, assures Michel Baylac, the president of the Gers association of mayors of France (AMF32). The pound fulfills its role, but within the means of the SPA, and even if sometimes its services are overwhelmed, she is at the side of the mayors.”

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