Gers: in Auch, a dog show to discover this Sunday, May 1

the essential
This Sunday, May 1, the Territorial Canine Association of the Gers is organizing its traditional exhibition all day in Endoumingue Park, opposite the Auch racecourse.

347 varieties of dogs will be represented at a national dog show organized by the Gers Territorial Canine Association this Sunday 1er may. It will take place in the Parc d’Endoumingue, opposite the Hippodrome d’Auch. From the smallest to the largest, dogs with long or short hair, from hunting dogs to dachshunds and guard dogs, there will be more than 600 dogs present at the event.

For the occasion, several of them will travel from the four corners of France. They will compete all day, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. At the end of the show, prizes will be awarded to the first three of each breed after careful examination by several certified judges.

Several criteria to respect

To claim a title, you will have to respect a standard. The canids will be judged on their height, their physiognomy, their gait… Another criterion and not the least, it is necessary to be in possession of a pedigree, this official document certifying the exactness of the origins and proving the origins of its race canine. At the end, the three best of each race will receive a prize.

“These are exhibitions which also make it possible to highlight purebred dogs”, underlines Michel Barthe, of the Equine Society. Indeed, the more a dog is present on exhibitions, the more it has a chance of obtaining prizes. Thus, he may be more likely to be selected for mating.

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