he cooks from Chez Aldo to Bassin Bo bun

Christian Durocher and his wife.


Following the sale of “Chez Aldo”, he chose with his wife from Vietnam to create a new Asian restaurant concept, with certain dishes that they already offered at Aldo. And to settle for this in the commercial area of ​​La Teste-de-Buch, between McDonald’s and Grand Frais, in the name of “Bassin Bo Bun”.

Short card

Inspired by the Quan’ (small street restaurants in Southeast Asia), the Bassin Bo Bun is an establishment that takes up the codes of fast food, but whose decoration is neat, elegant and which has a large room and ‘a terrace. Offering both take-out and on-site sales, with a simple menu indicated on screens, it revisits the Asian restaurant in an original way.

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