He places a cage in front of a shelter, what’s inside doesn’t even look like an animal – Rescue

He places a cage in front of a shelter

When the shelter volunteers opened the cage, they let out a scream.

Arriving at the Douglas County Animal Care & Service shelter (Nevada, USA) this morning in 2018, volunteers and employees discovered a cage in front of the door. There was no doubt: someone had just abandoned their animal… an unfortunately all too common gesture that the shelter has a sad habit of.

But opening the cage, everyone let out a cry. What was inside didn’t look like an animal. It was a huge pile of tangled hair.

The cat couldn’t even move

At first, the shelter staff thought it was a dog. But by turning this “thing” around, they finally discovered that it was another animal… “Oh my God, it’s a cat! exclaimed Liz Begovich, who oversees the shelter. “I had never seen a cat in such a state,” she told thedodo.com.

bob cat

The tangled fur of this poor animal was such that it could not even move. It was obvious that he had been living like this for a very long time, the victim of gross neglect.

4.5 kilos of hair were removed from him

Footage from the shelter’s CCTV camera revealed that a man had indeed left the cat in its cage overnight. Is this man the owner of the cat? Is he responsible for the state in which the feline is? Impossible to say.

bob cat

The poor cat was taken to the vet, and named Bob Marley. He was completely shaved: 4.5 kilos of hair were removed! Although overweight, Bob Marley undeniably felt lighter after this toilet, and started walking again, visibly relieved.

bob cat

Approximately 10 years old, Bob Marley turned out to be an adorable cat.

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