“I slept with a dog and ate an Arab’s ca.ca in Dubai”, a Ghanaian tells her story

“I slept with a dog and ate an Arab’s ca.ca in Dubai”, a Ghanaian tells her story

You might have heard of the Dubai Porta Potty stories from a friend or read about them on the internet because that’s what most Instagram models in Dubai would do.
According to several YouTube confessions from unemployed Instagram models who travel to Dubai, they are paid thousands of dollars to eat the poo of Arab men. Out of all the dozens of Dubai Porta Potty stories, we will share that of a Ghanaian woman who claimed to have been drawn into this life by her friend.
A young Ghanaian woman has spoken of her terrible ordeal in Dubai, which left a sour taste in her mouth. She claims that many attractive women fly to Dubai to eat human faeces and indulge in various sexual fetishes in exchange for money.

The devastated woman described how she was taken on an all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai by a glamorous friend and subjected to cruelty by her hosts.
She claims she was offered $180,000 to perform work on the Arab host for over an hour non-stop. She said that despite the aggressive beatings she suffered, she was terrified and had to endure. She was then instructed to use her mouth to clean her Arab host’s porta and perform a vocal fetish on him.
Her host and the lady who had lured her to Dubai ultimately only gave her $5,700 and kicked her out. When she tried to protest this horrific act, she was intimidated, insulted and even threatened.

The woman said she still carries a huge burden of guilt since being influenced by her friend’s lavish lifestyle, which she mistakenly believed was associated with legitimate business.
She hinted that the majority of Instagram models who travel to Dubai pretending to be on vacation are actually there to indulge in feces for a large sum of money, a life no reasonable person should envy.
Read his full story below:
Hi Aunty Ama, please keep this a secret from me in the name of God. I realized I had to say it when I saw some people expressing their views on other platforms.
I am also one of the women who have been sexually abused in Dubai. I met a lady on Facebook who travels there a lot because I saw pictures of her in the desert and all that when we started getting acquainted with Facebook comments and became friends from of the.

She told me later how she was making money by going to Dubai and she was sleeping with a person who was making money for her and buying clothes and perfumes to come resell so I told her that she could take me there when she went. I told her I had no money but she told me she would pay for me and I would pay her back when we got back. We then became so close that she trusted me.
Hmmm aunty Ama the same day we arrived there, we didn’t go to the hotel as she said, we went straight to a big house that belonged to an Arab man. He was happy to see me so I knew that was the man she was about to hook me up with, that night she went clubbing with the man’s friend . He romantically tied me to the bed and asked me to suck his p3nis which i did but he wouldn’t let me stop and my jaws hurt, he started beating me and telling me I was going to give him oral sex for an hour so I better cooperate because he was going to pay me $18,000. I suffered but I did, the next minute he sat on my face, I was going to smell his an.us (so to speak) but he asked me to let go of him because it is the only way for him to enjoy. I hesitated until he threatened me with a living snake in the room. I had so many regrets but I was already there, I licked it until the poop started coming out and this man asked me to eat it. I really suffered my God. I still have scars on my body from the whippings I received for not eating it all…he brought a huge dog for me to suck on his genitals and warned he would eat me if I wasn’t doing it right and it ended my life.
He then went to his room and started talking to his friend on the phone (I knew it was me but couldn’t understand the language). Aunty Ama, I couldn’t blink that night. The next day my friend insulted me and told me how screwed up I had been, booked a flight back to Ghana and gave me $5700. I did not survive this and it has been almost a year. I plan to end my life. I do not know what to do. I reported to the police here to arrest the lady but they kept spinning me, one of them told me it was even my fault.”

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