In Bergerac, dog poop can cost up to 750 euros

DOGS – Bergerac, capital of the very touristy Périgord Pourpre, wants to be “clean and welcoming”: it has just created a fine of up to 750 euros for any dog ​​owner who does not pick up his animal’s droppings in the space audience.

“It is up to the mayor to ensure public safety and health”, explains in the preamble this decree of April 11 published on the website of the town hall held by the DVD Jonathan Prioleaud.

“People accompanied by a dog are obliged to proceed immediately, by any appropriate means, to the collection of the droppings of this animal” in the streets, parks, gardens etc, stipulates the decree, which specifies that any violation is liable to a “fourth class contravention” of up to 750 euros according to the penal code.

“It’s also a good idea to be in possession of at least two pick-up bags on daily walks. A fine of up to 38 euros will be applied otherwise”, specifies the site of the town hall, stressing however that these bags are distributed free of charge.

“The highest fine level nationally”

“I think this is probably the highest level of fine at the national level”, commented for AFP Loïc Dombreval, LREM deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes, specialist in animal issues.

“Dog droppings can be a real scourge in some municipalities, and this ends up stigmatizing dogs and their owners in particular,” he added.

Foie gras, truffles, castles, vineyards like Monbazillac… Bergerac and its surroundings live largely from tourism.

The purple Périgord, the color of wine and vines in autumn, is the second largest vineyard in Aquitaine.

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