In Marseille, a hotel-restaurant recruits Ukrainian refugees


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Thanks to a new European directive, Ukrainian refugees have privileged access to employment. In Marseille, a hotel-restaurant short of staff called on refugees, helped by an association. #TheyHaveTheSolution

When she needed staff, the owner of a hotel-restaurant in a building built by Le Corbusier in Marseille called on Ukrainian refugees. In the kitchen, the chef has selected Kalina. This young commis chef with a passion for French gastronomy arrived from the South-West of Ukraine. Hirings which allowed the owner to compensate for the lack of personnel.

For our maid, it was a contact with a Ukrainian association which saw via Facebook that I was looking to recruit Ukrainian staff.

Dominique Girardin

Hotel and restaurant owner

To find Ukrainian staff, the owner of the establishment went through the Ukrainian Cultural Pacific Association. The association helps refugees in France but also organizes solidarity and food assistance for the reconstruction of the country.

It is very sad what is happening in Ukraine.

Nadia Bardy

Ukrainian Cultural Pacific Association

Since the start of the war, the association has also been collecting donations: clothes and medicines which it sends by truck once a week to the war zones.

Since March 4, 2022, Ukrainian refugees who have fled the war have benefited from an unprecedented European directive. Refugees enjoy temporary protection in any European country for at least one year. A period of time that could be extended depending on the situation in Ukraine. Rights include access to housing and work as well as access to healthcare. Enough to encourage companies to legally hire refugees who have arrived in the territory.

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