Inflation: restaurateurs pass on the increase to the price of menus


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M. Le Morvan, G. Bron, F. Bonnafous – France 3

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The addition to the restaurant may be more salty. Professionals begin to increase their prices in order to cope with inflation.

Faced with soaring prices, in a restaurant located in Finistère, the chef surprises her customers by cooking with simple and local products. That day, they are mimosa eggs as a starter. “It’s true that we used to go far, saying it’s cheaper elsewhere, but ultimately when you look at the small farms around, it’s not necessarily more expensive and qualitatively it’s much more interesting”she says. But she still had to pass on the price increase by increasing her menus by one euro.

A little further, in another restaurant in the same department, the bill also soars between the rising cost of electricity, gas, oil and other ingredients. So we had to adapt. “We were working with smoked salmon, but that salad was removed from the menu and replaced by a goat cheese salad (…) in order to recover a little margin on this salad”explains Thierry Kerirzinrestorer. With an extra euro on the formula, customers are understanding.

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