“It kills me to see them dying like this”, a property invaded by stray cats

It has been several years since stray cats have taken up residence in this portion of the town of Fleix, close to the limit with Port-Sainte-Foy-et-Ponchapt, where abandonments are regular. Yolande started to feed them and, as none of them are sterilized, the population quickly grew. Most appear disoriented, weakened, sick. Several have eyes devoured by coryza. “I can’t afford to have them sterilized, and it’s impossible for me to stop giving them food,” she continues. And to add: “There are probably dead cats in the attic of the house. »

The town hall lets drag

Sunday April 24, Camille Griset, owner of an equestrian center located a little higher, hears “a mewing of distress”: one of the cats was stuck in a pipe. She manages to extricate her and contacts the Association Safeguarding and Protection of Animals (SPA) of Bergerac, who came to collect her the next day, before she gives birth to several kittens. “I no longer count the times we pick up people who have been run over. It kills me to see them dying like this, ”she sighs.

“I can’t afford to have them sterilized, and it’s impossible for me to stop feeding them”

One of the many stray kittens, seriously affected by coryza a few months ago.

Camille Griset

She contacts the Fleix town hall several times, which leaves her requests hanging around. According to article L211-27 of the Rural and Maritime Fisheries Code, “the mayor may […] to carry out the capture of unidentified cats, without owner or holder, living in groups in public places of the municipality, in order to proceed with their sterilization and their identification […] before releasing them in these same places” (1).

“problematic situation”

Anaëlle Tuffou, whose horse is boarded with Camille Griset, is used to sterilization campaigns. She met directly Lionel Filet, first magistrate of Fleix. No more success. Contacted, the latter recognizes “a problematic situation”, indicating that he is doing his “maximum”. So far, however, the situation has not changed. “It’s complicated to implement, I don’t have time to take care of it, not to mention the budget it requires,” he continues. In a half-word, he says he finds it “easy” to “fall the blame on the municipality”.

Thursday, April 28, the SPA began to intervene on the scene, placing cages to collect the felines and have them treated. Aurore Barra, head of the kennel, says she is “fully mobilized”, without the association being able to bear all the costs alone, including sterilization. The aedile of Fleix, he had rather counted on an action by the summer. Other fish to fry.

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